Light Touch : Post-O-Graph #11

Light Touch : Post-O-Graph #11
light touch-
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Gave myself a dose of photography one day, a natural therapy I learned when triggers of depression surged.

This season when rainy days are frequent, makes the afternoons in my home in Cordillera so gloomy. I noticed that this yellow allamanda peeking through the fences searching for a tiny ray of light. It never ceased to be bright!

When gray skies shroud our days, just wait, stick around, light is just behind the clouds waiting to touch down the ground.


Flawed,Valuable : Post-O-Graph#10

Flawed,Valuable : Post-O-Graph#10
Post-O-Graph# 10: Flawed but valuable. “Some days you may feel worthless, remember, you may be flawed but you are valuable.” by @IntrvrtdPyrld. Baguio City. (A nature photography challenge photo. Taken 2016)


“Flawed but valuable”

Those who love nature, accept its flaws.

Even God’s valuable creations are made with imperfections; yet still, we are loved!

As people, our flaws may be physical limitations, weaknesses, lack of skills or intelligence but we are loved by a Creator who serves as our strength, who knows our best and uses us for a purpose.

Little birds, withering grass, and unscented flowers are all made by The Mighty. They do not have to be perfect but they lived and persisted; they exist for a reason and so do we.

Some days you may feel worthless, remember, you may be flawed but you are valuable.

-inspired by 2 Corinthians 12:10




Hi this is Introverted Pyralid, where stories are real, they can be yours.

“We all have stories. Though not everything is told, some may come in pictures and fragments of thoughts. In any way we all have something to share.”

Hey there nature lovers! We are continuing our Post-O-Graph series of Nature Photography, especially for you!

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Mid -Year Collection
Beauty in Despair: Post-O-Graph #9

Beauty in Despair: Post-O-Graph #9

beauty despair
Post-o-graph#9. Beauty in Despair. Baguio city, Philippines. by IntrvrtdPyrld

Transgressed with lilies;

from the black water emerged,

Beauty in despair.

a haiku

inspired by Psalm 51




Post-O-Graph Collection: June
Post-O-Graph the beginning…



FOUND: Post-O-Graph #8

FOUND: Post-O-Graph #8

Post-O-Graph #8. Found. Photo @IntrvrtdPyrld. Baguio City, Philippines

Even the smallest

on earth do not miss; the bliss

Showered by His gifts!

– a haiku




Hi this is Introverted Pyralid, where stories are real, they can be yours.

“We all have stories. Though not everything is told, some may come in pictures and fragments of thoughts. In any way we all have something to share.”

Are there any nature lovers out there? Our up-coming Post-O-Graphs will be series of Nature Photography, dedicated for you! Enjoy!

Post-O-Graph: June Collection
Creases & Shadows: Post-O-Graph#7

Creases & Shadows: Post-O-Graph#7

Creases & Shadows

a haiku


_DSC7197 (5)
Post-O-Graph#7. Creases & Shadows. @IntrvrtdPyrld

Let those folds connect

creases and shadows reflect

you are just perfect.


(inspired by Psalm 139)



Post-O-Graph Collection

Meet and Greet: 6/23/18

Meet and Greet: 6/23/18

Meet and Greet, with Dream Big: Bloggers’ Pool

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Blank Pages: Post-O-Graph#6

Blank Pages: Post-O-Graph#6
_DSC9218 (4)
Post-O-Graph#6: “Morning Blank Pages.” Featured IntrvrtdPyrld Poetry from

I woke up, misty morning and rain fogging

the porch view.

A blank page rests on my table and my vision

gets foggy too.

So I settle and put the kettle to warm and fire-open

the stove;

When I realized something,

I’m broke.

Not sure if it is the stove still off or that I’m about to choke.


I guess I will need more coffee to refill my cup, to accompany me on my


So I cleared up my throat and swallowed those

empty hopes.

I tuned in to a humming bird resonating a minuet and hymn

about flying;

at least something in my morning is on key.


The kettle started whistling, joining the humming bird who rests

on the tree

in front of me. Then above me, are clouds hugging

each other,

pouring pellets of tears from the sky created

by their union.

Shading the already dim lit morning which painted gray

my visions;

at least something in this morning feels romantic and not alone.


The humming bird goes on his lullaby, surprised that the tune awakes

me instead.

Trying to lead me back to bed is a silent alarm returning

me to slumber

but I refuse to give back an answer.

Quite unsure , my view and my vision are not aligning. I just opened my blank pages anticipating.

Though the visions seemed crippled and too slow coming;

at least something this morning is ready to begin.


Finally, I just flipped the blank pages from a little black book with only

white spaces.

The slate in front of me is clean, tempted to soak a black ink from the pen I had used for years;

Either to stir the black coffee or the blank visions in my mind – I still

have to find.

Now a crooked line began as I attempt to mark a spot, finishing with more than just a dot;

at last one of the pages is not blank anymore.


It was supposed to be a novel which I’m trying

to compose,

but what I had were only dots, and crooked lines affixed

on the dots.

When I read them I realized that what I had written

wasn’t that bad.

It turns out my blank pages had jotted down notes, whole and half notes forming a tune,

a melody I’m not sure I heard before, but sounded familiar when I started humming the notes.


Now the humming bird on the tree at the front porch finished his song

with a slur.

HE promised me that the next morning

He’ll come back;

so that something every morning will remind me:

“at least one of your senses is not broken,  ready to take down another lullaby

as you choose to leave those blank pages open .”


Balnk Pages
Blank Pages. Post-O-Graph#6. by IntrvrtdPyrld

Has anyone tried “Morning Blank Pages”? This is a poem telling an experience with morning blank pages. It is a routine I learned doing to help cope with brain fog in the morning.

(First published @


Thank you for reading!

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