Autumn Prelude

Autumn Prelude

Autumn Prelude. Post-O-Graph #15. Photo by “Dan” an anonymous friend. 2016
Post-O-Graph#15: Autumn Prelude by “Dan” an anonymous friend
Prelude to Autumn
by IntrvrtdPyrld

Chisels of obscure reflections

pierced through cloudy eyes

Parting nimbus satin sky

utters the dawn of autumn.

A subtle chill strokes harmony

playing late-afternoon sonatas

Red and yellow shading the aquas

conspire the scents of maples and pine-trees.

Vermilion ripples strummed a symphony

plucking the ears of climbing baby turtles

Out of the pond, a renaissance piano fondles

that summoned children playing archery.

Lift me up through green paper airplanes

I’ll paint a photograph above the fall

Stir me down all your pigments

and mix vermilion paints on my pulse.

Catch me as a comb wraps around the honey

warm these veins with colors of the autumn

Hear Your voice behind all the symphonies

and I’ll be alright at the dusk of every season.


Hi! This is IntrovertedPyralid! Where stories are real; they can be yours!

We dedicate our Post-o-Graph #15 to our friend “Dan” who shared and sent us this hauntingly beautiful photograph of the fall.

We like to keep “Dan’s” real identity anonymous. He is a friend from an online support for Anxiety & Depression. If you know someone who needs help, reach out and contact your local support groups or hotlines for Mental Health awareness/concerns. Find resources here via FB : ADFS online suport group; Betterhelp; The Mighty.

IntrvrtdPyrld supports awareness for Depression and Anxiety and other Mental Health related illnesses and conditions. Post-O-Graph is our cause created to spread inspiration and help by sharing pieces of art, literary and other forms of expression from anyone, artists, writers and many others.
Each and everyone of us have our own story to tell. A single post can give others a story to relate, to inspire, to remind that we are not alone in the journey; An encouragement sought for a moment. We all have stories. If not told then to live; a story to give.

Collab with us. A single post has stories to tell. Your story matters.

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FeaturedKeep Going: Post-O-Graph #14

Keep Going: Post-O-Graph #14

Keep Going


Keep Going. Post-O-Graph #15. @IntrvrtdPyrld



Fast. Lights
Slowing scenes

Sight, seeing
clouds above
murky skies

View. YOUR
Voice calling

froze. Time
rest; breathe


On. Tears.

Every step

matters. Clearer,












Hi! This is IntrovertedPyralid ; Where stories are real they can be yours!
Thank you for journeying with us! Now we are on our first Post-O-Graph for October!
Post-O-Graph – a post at a time…
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Radiate + Vibes: Post-O-Graph #13

Radiate + Vibes: Post-O-Graph #13


Post-O-Graph #13: Radiate + Vibes by “Kieran”


Hi! This is Introverted Pyralid, where stories are real; they can be yours.

We all have stories. Though not everything is told, some may come in pictures and fragments of thoughts. In any way we all have something to share.

We are glad to present you our first Video Post-O-Graph! Featuring  “Kieran Il Mago” or “Kieran”.

And we want to thank our friends who connected to us from Sci-Lense for this Post-O-Graph story.


Post-O-Graph Story Teller: Sci-Lense

“Just like many, who were often hustling their way along Session Road, the popular street in Baguio City, street performances and gimmicks of many kind would just cross your path or gaze in a flash. Until one time passers-by just couldn’t keep going.  That made them stopped, then looked at the sunflower worn on the wrist of a cool dude strumming his guitar, and listened to his music.

No doubt, a dose of positive vibes shot everybody’s senses with good mood and authentic heartfelt singing radiated among the people on this busy street.”

This is Kieran or Kieran Salidummay, or now more popular as Kieran Il Mago.

Photo courtesy by Sci-Lense


” Hold on to your dreams, do it for those who cared and loved you.” – Kieran

Kieran Il Mago_DSC8216


Follow Kieran on his journey to music and chasing his dream. Catch him busking in the streets of Baguio, Philippines. Also, Kieran’s first album is out now! Check it out via Soundcloud: Acoustica Hermitica

Acoustica Hermitica is available @ Bookends in Baguio City, Philippines. Contact Kieran on his FB Page for more about his album.



All photos by Sci-Lense. 2017. Sci-Lense is a community page for promoting local Filipino and other indigenous art, knowledge, innovations and stories from the Philippines. #supportlocal use this hashtag to promote and support local artists in your community.

Follow Kieran’s Story here – ” A Busker’s Story

Post-O-Graph: The beginning…
You hem me: Post-O-Graph #12

You hem me: Post-O-Graph #12

“YOU hem me…”

You hem me_DSC7811
Post-O-Graph #12. “You hem me.” IntrvrtdPyrld. La Trinidad, Benguet.

“O Lord , you have searched me and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise_DSC7800
You perceive my thoughts from a far
You discern my going out and my lying down
You are familiar with all my ways
Before a word is on my tongue
You know it completely..

You hem me in behind and before
you have laid Your hand upon me
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too lofty to attain.”

– Psalm 139:1-6

YOU hem me,
no filter needed
not edited

made perfectly
swoon like a tapestry
You hem me wonderfully
You hem my
tiny details, my every age
reflecting Your image
Tangled webs,
venomous hue
You in me,
now a perfect view
You & me, just because
I’m loved by YOU.
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Mid -Year Collection

Light Touch : Post-O-Graph #11

Light Touch : Post-O-Graph #11
light touch-
Enter a caption

Gave myself a dose of photography one day, a natural therapy I learned when triggers of depression surged.

This season when rainy days are frequent, makes the afternoons in my home in Cordillera so gloomy. I noticed that this yellow allamanda peeking through the fences searching for a tiny ray of light. It never ceased to be bright!

When gray skies shroud our days, just wait, stick around, light is just behind the clouds waiting to touch down the ground.

Flawed,Valuable : Post-O-Graph#10

Flawed,Valuable : Post-O-Graph#10
Post-O-Graph# 10: Flawed but valuable. “Some days you may feel worthless, remember, you may be flawed but you are valuable.” by @IntrvrtdPyrld. Baguio City. (A nature photography challenge photo. Taken 2016)


“Flawed but valuable”

Those who love nature, accept its flaws.

Even God’s valuable creations are made with imperfections; yet still, we are loved!

As people, our flaws may be physical limitations, weaknesses, lack of skills or intelligence but we are loved by a Creator who serves as our strength, who knows our best and uses us for a purpose.

Little birds, withering grass, and unscented flowers are all made by The Mighty. They do not have to be perfect but they lived and persisted; they exist for a reason and so do we.

Some days you may feel worthless, remember, you may be flawed but you are valuable.

-inspired by 2 Corinthians 12:10




Hi this is Introverted Pyralid, where stories are real, they can be yours.

“We all have stories. Though not everything is told, some may come in pictures and fragments of thoughts. In any way we all have something to share.”

Hey there nature lovers! We are continuing our Post-O-Graph series of Nature Photography, especially for you!

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Mid -Year Collection
Beauty in Despair: Post-O-Graph #9

Beauty in Despair: Post-O-Graph #9

beauty despair
Post-o-graph#9. Beauty in Despair. Baguio city, Philippines. by IntrvrtdPyrld

Transgressed with lilies;

from the black water emerged,

Beauty in despair.

a haiku

inspired by Psalm 51




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