Bloom (Post-O-Graph #17)

Bloom (Post-O-Graph #17)

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Post-O-Graph #17: Bloom

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 by IntrvrtdPyrld

I turned,

You glance.

A second grew 

Into lifetime.


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Autumn Prelude

Autumn Prelude

Autumn Prelude. Post-O-Graph #15. Photo by “Dan” an anonymous friend. 2016
Post-O-Graph#15: Autumn Prelude by “Dan” an anonymous friend
Prelude to Autumn
by IntrvrtdPyrld

Chisels of obscure reflections

pierced through cloudy eyes

Parting nimbus satin sky

utters the dawn of autumn.

A subtle chill strokes harmony

playing late-afternoon sonatas

Red and yellow shading the aquas

conspire the scents of maples and pine-trees.

Vermilion ripples strummed a symphony

plucking the ears of climbing baby turtles

Out of the pond, a renaissance piano fondles

that summoned children playing archery.

Lift me up through green paper airplanes

I’ll paint a photograph above the fall

Stir me down all your pigments

and mix vermilion paints on my pulse.

Catch me as a comb wraps around the honey

warm these veins with colors of the autumn

Hear Your voice behind all the symphonies

and I’ll be alright at the dusk of every season.


Hi! This is IntrovertedPyralid! Where stories are real; they can be yours!

We dedicate our Post-o-Graph #15 to our friend “Dan” who shared and sent us this hauntingly beautiful photograph of the fall.

We like to keep “Dan’s” real identity anonymous. He is a friend from an online support for Anxiety & Depression. If you know someone who needs help, reach out and contact your local support groups or hotlines for Mental Health awareness/concerns. Find resources here via FB : ADFS online suport group; Betterhelp; The Mighty.

IntrvrtdPyrld supports awareness for Depression and Anxiety and other Mental Health related illnesses and conditions. Post-O-Graph is our cause created to spread inspiration and help by sharing pieces of art, literary and other forms of expression from anyone, artists, writers and many others.
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