Busking his way to his dreams

Guest Post by Sci-Lense

(Note from us! – IntrvrtdPyrld works with other amazing individuals who likes to reach out to their friends, to help and support them through connecting with their stories.)

Meet Kieran, a busker! He is a rising indie artist in the Philippines. Follow his story to follow his journey.

From busking, discover how he found his way in making it to the scene in his local community full of creative individuals, all wanting to fulfill their dreams. Here is Kieran’s story hoping to inspire and radiate positive message to anyone in the same journey. – @IntrvrtdPyrld

Post-O-Graph Story Teller:

by Sci-Lense

These are photos we took years ago during Kieran’s early days in his journey…

Just like many, who were often hustling their way along Session Road, the popular street in Baguio City, street performances and gimmicks of many kind would just cross your path or gaze in a flash. Until one time passers-by just couldn’t keep going.  That made them stopped, then looked at the sunflower worn on the wrist of a cool dude strumming his guitar, and listened to his music.

No doubt, a dose of positive vibes shot everybody’s senses with a good mood and authentic heartfelt singing radiated among the people on this busy street.

This is Kieran or Kieran Salidummay, or now more popular as Kieran Il Mago.

Photo courtesy by Sci-Lense
…(watch Kieran performs Drive by Incubus)… 

Kieran has been embraced in Baguio City as one of the buskers who never gave up despite the challenges of busking business in the country.

Around this same time of last year our friends had the chance to catch him in one of his performances. We were so glad to catch up with him and be able to speak with him.

Get to know Kieran as he shares his story…

Busking is not that easy. There are times buskers or street performers like me get treated like beggars. Some would like what you do, but there will always be those who would throw frowns at you,” shared Kieran.

_DSC8214 (3)

He travels around nearby cities around Baguio in Philippines, like La Union and in Manila to busk, share music and “radiate positive vibes!”

I love singing, music is what I have always wanted to do,” he said. Kieran also performs in cafes and restos in the famous city! “Busking had already brought me to different places and offered me a lot of opportunities, I met friends who supported me all through out and friends who I just met and connected with them immediately“, Kieran introspected during his early days chasing his dreams.


A lot of challenges intersect anyone who wants to pursue his dreams. Kieran is no different.

Shedding his vulnerabilities he opened-up, “I’ve been through doubts and depression , thinking that I have nowhere to go. I lived in streets for a while, I almost gave up. But eventually I found hope. I thank the people who believed in me, my friends who I met along the way helped me.” Kieran was the lead singer of the band “Leafy Eye” an indie music band rising in the Manila music scene. He experienced performing with famous local musicians in the Philippines. As time tests young and growing artists in this scene, disappointments teaches any individual to find his/her own identity in the pursuit of making authentic music. The band eventually went on their separate ways.

This is where Kieran discovered the adventure-full life of busking.


I’m glad I did not give up. When nothing seems to be happening I almost gave up. One time while in the streets, I was desperate for help. Then help happened. I realized that there is Someone out there who sees us in our darkest times, even if we really don’t search for Him.” Good people and individuals who believe in Kieran’s talent reached out to him and supported him back on his feet, and once again on the move around the streets to busk and make music.

Hold on to your dreams, do it for those who cared and loved you.” – Kieran

Kieran Il Mago_DSC8216
Featured @ Post-O-Graph



Follow Kieran’s story featured on Post-O-Graph collection . Catch him busking in the streets of Baguio, Philippines. Also, Kieran’s first album is out now!

Check out his original songs via Soundcloud: His first indie album: Acoustica Hermitica

Acoustica Hermitica is available @ Bookends in Baguio City, Philippines. Contact Kieran on his FB Page for more about his album.
All photos by Sci-Lense. 2017. Sci-Lense is a community page for promoting local Filipino and other indigenous art, knowledge, innovations and stories from the Philippines. #supportlocal use this hashtag to promote and support local artists in your community.

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