Post-O-Graph #13: Radiate + Vibes by “Kieran”


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We are glad to present you our first Video Post-O-Graph! Featuring  “Kieran Il Mago” or “Kieran”.

And we want to thank our friends who connected to us from Sci-Lense for this Post-O-Graph story.


Post-O-Graph Story Teller: Sci-Lense

“Just like many, who were often hustling their way along Session Road, the popular street in Baguio City, street performances and gimmicks of many kind would just cross your path or gaze in a flash. Until one time passers-by just couldn’t keep going.  That made them stopped, then looked at the sunflower worn on the wrist of a cool dude strumming his guitar, and listened to his music.

No doubt, a dose of positive vibes shot everybody’s senses with good mood and authentic heartfelt singing radiated among the people on this busy street.”

This is Kieran or Kieran Salidummay, or now more popular as Kieran Il Mago.

Photo courtesy by Sci-Lense


” Hold on to your dreams, do it for those who cared and loved you.” – Kieran

Kieran Il Mago_DSC8216


Follow Kieran on his journey to music and chasing his dream. Catch him busking in the streets of Baguio, Philippines. Also, Kieran’s first album is out now! Check it out via Soundcloud: Acoustica Hermitica

Acoustica Hermitica is available @ Bookends in Baguio City, Philippines. Contact Kieran on his FB Page for more about his album.



All photos by Sci-Lense. 2017. Sci-Lense is a community page for promoting local Filipino and other indigenous art, knowledge, innovations and stories from the Philippines. #supportlocal use this hashtag to promote and support local artists in your community.

Follow Kieran’s Story here – ” A Busker’s Story

Post-O-Graph: The beginning…

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