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We all have stories. Though not everything is told, some may come in pictures and fragments of thoughts. In any way we all have something to share. Hoping to connect with many of you amazing individuals in the coming seasons this section will be called Post-O-Graph.

And for our Post-O-Graph #5, we are so excited to feature, blooming artist, Maia Julliet. Be sweet and follow her on IG @ MaiaJulliet instagram page.

Post-OGraph#5. Never Give Up. Photo by Maia Julliet Follow her on IG @ https://www.instagram.com/maiajuillet/
This is just another read about depression. For those who do not want to understand, there is really nothing we can do about that. But for those who want to understand and for those who need to be understood…
Depression is Like…
(by IntrvrtdPyrld)
I don’t want to eat…
I don’t want to sleep.
I cannot go to work. I’m going to bed.
I don’t want to sleep.
I’m sleeping now.
I have slept. Oh no. I’m gonna eat.
I feel sleepy. I’m not eating.
I’m eating now. I have class. I’m going to work.
I don’t want to eat.
I’m sleepy. I have to work. I will work.
I have to keep going; I ‘m going to take bath

I don’t want to sleep.

Wait… Again…
What is it again?
Oh no; not again…
Oh yes, I have class.
I have to work. I will work. I have to go.
I’m going to take bath. I’ve said that already
It’s been 3 hours since
I’m still eating. I’m still sleepy
No. I’m tired.
I need to go to bath. Now.
I have class. I have to work.
I don’t want to eat.
I don’t want to sleep.
I don’t want to sleep.


 Depression. What is it really like?
We could only use many different words to tell what it is. Honestly, it goes differently the same to each person battling it. It becomes a personal unique experience across individuals. We can only use too many different words to describe it. How is it felt? Is it even real or just an over reaction to sadness? How it happened. How it did not happen. How it starts or is it ever going to end?

For those who are in the actual battle


Those who know, know.

Those who are in the actual battle know. They know they need help and they know they need to overcome. They know their battle and they will know victory when it happens.

They have been in the worst times so they know when they see the path to recovery when it comes; They never give up and they would not waste a streak of energy left of them just to have a moment of “better times”. The people close to them can choose if they want to be a part of  the help when they find it.

Those who have been in the actual battle knows more than just mere words. There are times depression occurs with no words to express it at all.

Fragments of thoughts

This fragmented poem are just scribbles of my own experience. They just might be silly thoughts for you.

These are just words to show NOT what depression really is; but just what depression is like. One thing comes for sure: depression is not “me.”


In these fragments of thoughts one can see into an episode which translates to an untold journey of how depression can affect someone. It is actually in these fragments of thoughts of the individual with depression, when the experience is a reality and the struggle happens daily.

Many still have doubts if depression is an illness. When the worse happens and the news surprised us by people taking their own life; and depression is equated with the act of suicide; worst is the act equated the person’s life. There was no chance to see that once, these people battled with their thoughts and they lived with a fight.


Often, those who want to understand friends or loved ones with depression searched for specific, detailed account of an experience so they can fully grasp and be able to give help. But it is in these fragmented thoughts where people miss the obvious and avoid paying their attention.

These words cannot really tell what depression looks like for everyone; they can relate to what depression is like for someone.

When one can relate, it opens a stream of hope and and a willing ear to better hear and understand one’s battle with depression. Help happens when finally a moment is lend to give up one’s thoughts of what a mental illness is or is not; depression is not just taking one’s own life or exaggerated sadness. We learn to accept that when someone describes what depression is like, we then know that depression is not that person.

depression is like
Depression is like… Taking every step towards the next best thing; a door to towards a lighter place; it is not giving up no matter how long it takes. @IntrvrtdPyrld
Hoping to have various pieces from different lives of people, this collection will be titled “Post-O-Graph”. Found on the Art & Poetry section of this blog, different forms of artistic expressions would be featured.
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