Hi this is IntrovertedPyraLid, where stories are real, they can be yours.

Hoping to have various pieces from different lives of people, this collection will be titled “Post-O-Graph”. Found on the Art & Poetry section of this blog, different forms of artistic expressions would be featured.

We all have stories. Though not everything is told, some may come in pictures and fragments of thoughts. In any way we all have something to share. Hoping to connect with many of you amazing individuals in the coming seasons! For now, I dedicate this to all those who are going through depression and anxiety. We do not give up no matter what!

This is a glimpse of my story. A short piece of how the art of photography could help me cope when depression and anxiety trigger.

to the moon
3:00. “On a night when that ugly anxiety would attack, there’s something beautiful that captured my eye. I just need to look up and take a shot! (Baguio City. Philippines) Photo by @IntrvrtdPyrld

Often, when the clouds at the day would break

and behind would reveal silver linings…

The hope we found underneath the dark moments,

that streak of light we call our blessing in disguise.

But I found mine not even when the sun dawns.

A moment only me and God knows.

So I took a shot to capture a beauty which exits

only when a night persists.

When evening comes and everyone dim all their lights,

and why darkness is called the “Night”.

Many choose to sleep. But when I find myself against

noises only I create, I wont fight the moment I’m awake.

I won’t mind if I miss on dreaming,

cause at these moments that I choose the reality I am living

and not just pressed down and barely breathing…

Because the night has taught me

the purpose of the dark is to give way for the light

And that is when I see one Life remains shining on me,

where my weary eyes would keep on looking

The black sky gave way for a small glitter that for me a silver lining.Picture3



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Post-O-Graph Collection



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