FeaturedKeep Going: Post-O-Graph #14

Keep Going: Post-O-Graph #14

Keep Going


Keep Going. Post-O-Graph #15. @IntrvrtdPyrld



Fast. Lights
Slowing scenes

Sight, seeing
clouds above
murky skies

View. YOUR
Voice calling

froze. Time
rest; breathe


On. Tears.

Every step

matters. Clearer,












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FeaturedMetaphor of a Savior

Metaphor of a Savior

_DSC6877 (4)


You could have saved Yourself; but You were busy saving me…

You could have stopped the doubts on Your deity; instead You chose to make us free


You could have avoided death

and we could just put in You our faith

It would all be easy for us

And a gain for You

and have us not confused

and have everyone believe You.



It would would not make You who You are

You wouldn’t have been Savior

and we wouldn’t have been called saved

We could have deserved all punishment

and deserve to end up a slave of death.



If it weren’t for Your blood; I would still find myself lost…

When You could have erased the part where You have to endure the cross

But above what I could understand; is that the story happened according to plan

It all started when You choose the nails in Your hands

Then when Your side bled, it lead death meet its end.

When all we could finally see, is the stone of Your own grave

We missed the part where You finished the scene by raising from the dead

A metaphor I could never comprehend.





…You are Savior,

and that is why…

I am saved.

Metaphor of a Savior. by IntrvrtdPyrmd. April,1,2018.

A Colloquy over Coffee with the “Maker”

FeaturedA Colloquy over Coffee with the “Maker”

“The coffee I had always been drinking was too bitter.

But just until now, I did not realize that.

For a long time, I had not really noticed that the coffee I’ve been drinking
tasted really good.

I was paying too much attention on how bad and bitter the day could be without really thanking and appreciating the good the coffee could bring.

CoffeeMakerDSC_1951 (4)

The coffee that You have brought me.

But what makes the coffee really good is, I am not paying attention anymore to how bad
and bitter this day could be. More than the coffee, I am now able to notice that while drinking my cup, I am with You!

Thank you for this really nice conversation with You! The coffee is not bitter anymore.
Now the coffee is better!”

Getting the right mix of your cup of coffee in the morning is like trying to get the right start of your day, either you will hate or love how it taste. Are you after a perfect mix of it or a bitter taste?

What kind of mix do you pour on your cup everyday? This could be the concerns we fill our thoughts daily.These thoughts can easily take our attention away from the good things. We prepare and try to make the “perfect” taste. We tend to take the coffee for granted and then forget about its Maker.

Have you ever prayed over coffee? Have you thanked God for the little things ?
Have you had a real conversation with the Maker?

No matter how we feel towards the day, and no matter how we ignore the Maker, His presence, knowing He is with us is better than a perfectly mixed coffee.

Starting a day with a right attitude makes a big difference. We can decide if we want the coffee bitter… or make it better.

1 Peter 5:7 says, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you!” (New Living Translation)

Prayer is a real conversation with God. It is the truest conversation we have with God more than those times when we feel like God is talking to us through a great preacher’s sermon.Nor listening to the compelling words from famous pastors’ YouTube videos.

Our praying to God is the evidence of our utmost belief that our God is real, that He is alive. He is with us.

He is God, and that does not make Him unrelateable.And that He cares for us is His way of telling us that He can feel our human emotions. He can come down to our position and meet us where we are. It does not bother Him that He is an all-knowing God and He has to listen to people’s complains and worries.

Prayer is not superficial. It is a time and place where we see God as very personal. We come face to face and heart to heart with a genuinely caring Father. In prayer we experience God’s sincere love. He is telling us…

“I AM here, I AM waiting for you to talk with me.Tell me anything that disappoints you, frustrates you. I’ll listen…I won’t judge you. I would not condemn. In your anxiety do not sin, cast that burden to me, and I will give you peace.”

He is here. He just wants a simple and honest talk.
He looks forward to hearing our voices. He delights in spending time savoring the moment with His creations. He wants to hear how He made us react, respond to our surroundings, how He made us speak and express ourselves. We can be ourselves before God, in Him we are free. We can come and talk to Him.

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Summer Goodbye

Summer Goodbye

_DSC2036 (2)

How you know a good story
by opening scenes being told
with the first bars
of the film’s soundtrack;
That is how saying hi
the first time feels like.

Memories written
through paintbrushes
on letters sent from the palms
of a loved one;
Is then when staying
With You i am found.

Just as Promises kept are sealed
around with blood tapped
like tattoo into our
dirt tainted skin;
It was i learned to dart
faith into dreams…

Dances start with the tune
from exchanging lines
At the scenes of a movie script;
Secrets shared our laughter
with low times and dim lights
like lyrics played along guitar licks.

Be put to sleep by the scold
of a moist sepia sunshine,
Awake at the last whisper of a lyre;
This is how i said
to summer

_DSC2051 (5)

first published @ Summer Goodbye in Poetizer.com

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Bloom (Post-O-Graph #17)

Bloom (Post-O-Graph #17)

“2 roses”. by MaiaJuillet. follow her IG

Post-O-Graph #17: Bloom

featuring Maia Juillet  follow her on Instagram





 by IntrvrtdPyrld

I turned,

You glance.

A second grew 

Into lifetime.


“Bloom” is first published by Poetizer.com. Follow @Poetizer_Official on Instagram
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